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Please complete and submit one of these forms by Friday, June 7th, thanks!

Online Form

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While we realize that sharing personal information is too often misused, it is essential that we have your phone number so that we can contact you to talk about your volunteer position(s) and discuss dates, as well as be in touch if there are any last-minute changes.
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VOLUNTEER DATES - Please let us know which dates you can volunteer:
This summer, we have seven concerts planned over a three weekend period. Each concert starts at 2 p.m., and we ask volunteers to arrive at the farm by 11 a.m. (And, of course, we hope to see you in the audience on other dates, as well!)
VOLUNTEER POSITIONS - Please check all stations that interest you:
Here are the volunteer stations we need on the day of each concert. NOTE: Ideally, we will have two volunteers at each station.
*And please note that while Concerts in the Barn will have the required Special Occasion License permit posted in the barn, servers of cider and wine are NOT required to have a MAST (Mandatory Alcohol Server Training) Permit. If you serve in this position, we will make sure that you have a checklist of the key information you need to know to serve patrons responsibly and safely.
Over the years, Alan and I have gotten to know many of our volunteers, and we are constantly amazed at the breadth of skills each of you possess. We realize that your areas of expertise go far beyond selling sweatshirts and making barn doors are closed on a windy day!

So please tell us of the many other ways you might be of immeasurable help to Concerts in the Barn: (check all that apply)


Paper Form

If you don’t want to use the online form, download this interactive PDF form file to your computer. Then…

1. Open the file and fill out by typing in the form fields*, then email by clicking the Submit button.

2. Or, after filling in*, print the form and send via snail-mail to:

Concerts In The Barn
7360 Center Rd
Quilcene, WA 98368

*Note: in some instances you may not be able to fill in the form by typing—requiring you to print the PDF first, then fill out by hand. If so, please print clearly, thanks.